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The Resurgence of Gamification

The metaverse is currently experiencing a surge in gamification, multidimensional playgrounds and toy frenzies. As a result, consumers are now rediscovering the joys of their youth through Web3, according to an article published by Jing Daily. Google trends show that there has been a steady rise in searches for the term “inner child” since 2018.


Web3 has the potential to improve consumers’ well-being and capture their attention by using rewards systems, incentivization and immersive environments. The gamification trend has taken over the marketing world, and Kate Spade and Balenciaga are two brands that have successfully implemented gamification campaigns in their recent marketing strategies. The rise in multidisciplinary “playgrounds” is also contributing to gamification by fostering creativity and socialization.


These playgrounds provide an opportunity for consumers to rediscover their inner child through unique storylines and quests. Play!Pop!Go! is an example of a platform that is creating a space for audiences to reawaken their inner child through its ecosystem and fashion label.

By Coco Moore

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