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How Western Brands Can Excel in China's Booming Virtual Market

What are the ways Western brands can succeed in China’s rapidly growing virtual market as the country takes a leading role in the development of the digital realm? Although big tech organizations such as Meta and Alphabet have shifted their focus from the metaverse, the digital space is still rapidly evolving, and the metaverse is predicted to be a $13 trillion market by 2030.


Unlike many countries in the West, China has clear government-directed policies and goals for the metaverse set out in its most recent five-year plan, with many predicting that it will have the first interconnected, functional national metaverse as a result. The article also provides several examples of how brands are mastering this arena, such as KFC’s gamified metaverse space, Ping An Bank’s virtual influencers and educational live streams, Aeon Mall’s AI-powered assistants, and Mentholatum’s digital collectibles drop.


For Western brands, the article suggests exploring the vast possibilities in sectors such as healthcare, engineering, education, sales, and customer service, and understanding what works best for their audience. Digital collectibles, virtual influencers, and the use of AR and VR can be a draw that elevates marketing engagement and creates unique experiences. To conquer the Chinese market, it is important to master an unconventional and creative presentation style that helps viewers connect with the brand, increases viewership, and creates greater interest.

Written By: Rupaul Charles

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