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Farfetch To SYKY

When it comes to the future of fashion, it's all about the new generation of digital fashion creatives. They're the ones who are going to take the industry to the next level, and everyone is excited to see what they come up with!

Over the past year, there has been a surge in recognition of these virtual pioneers. As a result, more and more virtual talent incubators have popped up, each designed to help tomorrow's trailblazers make a name for themselves online. One such incubator is SYKY, a luxury platform that focuses exclusively on digital designers.

According to Alice Delahunt, founder of SYKY, "We are focused on designers who are creating 3D fashion, leveraging technology to push the limits of their imaginations and creativity, and showing a really nuanced understanding of what digital fashion means."

To further support these talented designers, SYKY has launched a new program called the SYKY Collective. This one-year program will empower creatives with the tools and knowledge they need to launch a fully-fledged brand. Ten emerging designers will be selected to take part in SYKY Collective's inaugural program, where they'll have access to exclusive industry events, one-on-one sessions, and potential luxury brand collaborations.

Other fashion institutions are also getting in on the action. Parsons School of Design has partnered with Roblox to offer a new elective metaverse curriculum, while Paris' ESMOD University has launched a meta-wear course dedicated to supporting and nurturing the new generation's rising stars.

It's not just the fashion industry that is seeing the potential in Web3 technology. Incubator programs like SYKY Collective and Farfetch's Dream Assembly Base Camp are trickling into other industries as well. For instance, Mastercard is launching an NFT-gated, Web3 Artist Accelerator platform to provide toolkits and mentorship to up-and-coming musicians.

These incubators are essential to the evolution of the digital space, and they're going to play a huge role in the future of Web3. Carol Hilsum, Senior Director of Product Innovation at Farfetch, believes that these programs will help build the next generation of technology companies that will shape the future of the luxury industry and beyond.

Alice Delahunt clarifies that these programs will benefit their chosen industries, not compete against them. She hopes that the talent scouted will form a new class of digital creative leaders of tomorrow.

"We've made it our core mission to bridge the gap between these two worlds, and nurture the magic that exists at the intersection of technology, innovation, history and legacy," Delahunt says. "That's why we believe it's crucial for early-stage companies to have a space where they can learn, grow, and collaborate with others who are exploring similar opportunities."

All in all, these incubator programs are a promising sign for the future of Web3 and its increasing validity, even during times of uncertainty. As Delahunt says, "We understand that Web3 technology is still in its early stages, and there are many unknowns about the problems it can solve and the use cases it can support." But with the help of these incubators, we're sure to see some amazing innovations in the years to come!

Written by RuPaul Charles

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