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What's new in the Web3 Space

Retrosuperfuture, Razer, and D-Cave are teaming up to push the boundaries of gaming in the Web3 space. The collaboration will introduce a new model of sunglasses, the "Razersuperfuture," which features a mask-like design with wide lenses and a chunky acetate rim, tailored to complement gamers' lifestyles while remaining stylish. The glasses were crafted to withstand rigorous gaming sessions and both indoor and outdoor lighting situations, using a photochromic lens and blue light protection. With a tagline reading "For Gamers, By Gamers," the collaboration aims to attract both Razer's and D-Cave's communities of enthusiasts.

The collaboration is a significant move in the convergence of gaming culture and contemporary fashion, with high fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton exploring the gaming space. Razer has previously collaborated with Hello Kitty on a series of gaming chairs, keyboards, and headsets, tapping into the female gamer aesthetic that has become popular on platforms like TikTok.

D-Cave's Stefano Rosso, a self-proclaimed gamer, is keen to explore the gaming and fashion market further through his platform, which has been solidifying its niche and serving a select market of gamers in the Web3 space. The collaboration between Retrosuperfuture, Razer, and D-Cave provides a unique position in this new iteration of the web and aims to enhance the best lifestyle projects for the new group of digital culture communities.

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