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Virtual Runway Shows Infuse Creative Avatars

The creativity of the Metaverse is coming to life with each turn of the imagination. Decentraland embraced animals as avatars in runway shows and in this example we remove the viewable model all together. It's fun to engage and imagine the impossible being possible. Creative dresses made of water that could not be worn in the actual universe are a simple choice in the Metaverse of possibility.  

Metaverse Fashion is Not Just for Couture

Metaverse fashion is an idea that offers inclusivity and H&M has demonstrated they will not be left out. Providing avatars of various sizes to confirm fashion is for everyone, H&M is moving forwarding in entering the landscape of the Metaverse. 

While it is clear there are many innovations and movements forward which will provide cleaner lines and movement, H&M attests they will not be left out of the process of growth in this new avenue of digital design. This process by H&M includes the creation of an H&M store in the Metaverse as well, as seen below.

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